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Rach and Me.
So as I have mentioned before on this blog, I am a big fan of podcasts. One that I have particular fondness for is the Joy the Baker featuring Tracy from Shutterbean. I have hyped it up so much that I got Rachael, my younger sister to listen to it also. It has proved helpful.  since she now lives in Ohio and is on the road, driving from school to school in her admissions job for Kenyon.  I kinda love that Rachael and I  have this podcast to share—think Fivel and his sister singing Somewhere Out There at the moon but with less cute voices. Anyway, I know that Joy and Tracy record the podcast on Wednesday night so during my commute home on Friday evening, I was excited to remember that I had a new one to listen to. The format of the show is basically a random topic, Joy and Tracy discussing what’s in their world recently and then they take questions, calls, emails from listeners. As my train ride was ending, they got to the listeners questions portion of the show. First a bridesmaids question that was interesting and am curious how it turned out. The next question an email from a listener named Rachael. At first, I didn’t flinch. But then they read the question. Rachael had recently moved to a very rural small town to work for her college in the admissions department. Ok. I sat up straighter. She loved her job but after moving from Brooklyn, she was having a hard time meeting people and finding friends and would love their advice. OMG! I wanted to grab the person next to me. The letter went on to say that she loved to podcast for a bunch of reasons, including that it made her feel like she was hanging out with her sisters. it was then that I must have looked like a grinning nutcase who then became teary. This letter was from my younger sister and former roommate Rachael. As Joy and Tracy answered her question, I couldn’t help but get goose bumps. I could really picture them talking to Rach, trying in funny ways to give really helpful thoughts and ideas about how to meet in people in her area.

I called Rach immediately after I heard it, she hadn’t even listened to this week yet and was pretty surprised about the whole thing. My whole family got a kick out of the story too. Thank you Joy and Tracy for giving me a reason to sing at the top of my lungs “ And even though I know how very far apart we are, it helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR”


  1. Great story, very heartwarming. I've never listened to a podcast and may make this my first.


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