tai dye.

My good friend Tai's birthday is at the end of May. In 2011, I made her a picnic blanket that I dyed navy. I then forgot to give it to her for over a year. So for her next birthday, I figured I should probably make some cloth napkins that matched the blanket that was still sitting on a table at my house. Thought you might like to see how I did it. 

Step #1 I picked up these white cotton napkins from Target. They are probably more kitchen towels than napkins but I loved their size, especially at a picnic when you don't know what the terrain is going to be like. Use what you like!
Step #2 Pick your water base color paint. Disclaimer, I saw this ideaanother blog and now I cannot remember where. Once I find it, I will put the link up. This other blog is how I knew what kind of paint to use. I went with a really pretty orange.
Step #3 Test the water. I used pretty hot water and squeezed the paint in. I later went back and put more in for a deep color on some of the napkins.
Step #4 Dip baby dip! For some I dipped the napkins in all the way, for others, I just did the edge. It's totally up to you and your ability to control how water soaks through cotton (i.e. no control)
Step #5 Let those mofo's dry. I actually ended up hanging them in the windows for 24 hours to make sure they were totally dry before I shipped them off to Tai.
Step #6 A-duh....use them!

Have you been doing any DIY'ing lately? Do you know what blog I saw this project on? Tai, are you there? Do you like them? What other DIY sites do you all like? Fill me in guys!


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