how did you get those pictures?

I will have an ACL recap later this week, with some guest posting from Amy on the music.

But in the meantime....

To be a blogger, it seems like you have to take amazing photos that make like look magical and perfect all the time. Which is maybe why I sometimes avoid putting personal pictures on this site, I am just not sure how to take those magical pictures. Enter The Photojojo Store. This site is jam packed super cool add-ons and gadgets for your camera and phone. I have learned that some of these items are bloggers secret trick. A charger that is also a tripod- check. A iPhone shutter remote- check. And my personal favorite, a scuba suit for your iPhone. You will be with my on my next vacation. So with all these amazing tools, can someone still give me a lesson on better picture taking? thanks!
I kinda loved this photo. Seen on The Photojojo website
Seriously, any tips for better picture taking is always appreciated.


  1. Avoid using a flash at all costs...

    1. good to know. any photo apps you are loving?


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