getting my ramen fix

Deli Ramen at Dassara. Image from Time Out
To say that I love my neighborhood would be an understatement. It has so many great things to offer but I have always had one major beef with it. Where the hell are all the ramen places? Every other neighborhood seemed to be bursting at the seem with them (I am looking at you East Village) while we were left with more Thai and Sushi places than we could ever consume. Sure Lunetta does a once a month Ramen Night but that's ONCE A MONTH. It ain't enough.

I am so happy to tell you that I can now officially squash that beef. Ramen has come to Cobble Hill/Carrol Gardens! Dassara recently opened on Smith Street and I am so ready to check it out. It was just written up in TimeOut NY as one the best cold weather foods around (so defintly not for today, why is it so gross out?). This might have to go on the weekends bucket list.

Dassara  from the outside. Look for me on the inside


  1. I've been wanting to try it too, and that picture only makes it more enticing...


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