Dinner tonight

 After hosting dinner last night and enjoying Atlantic Antic today, there was no hope for PB and me to do our weekly shopping today. So tonight...this is my plan. I will be back to usual tomorrow. 

How are they going to say that it 60-75 minutes? Ugh


there is a small part of me that always wanted to be a bartender. More often than not in movies and tv shows, bartenders seem to be the coolest person in the room. They know all this random knowledge, probably get to see some pretty amazing/embarssing things and not wake up with the hangover. But alas, PB has claimed this duty for Saturday nights festivities and since I called the shots on mostly everything else regarding the menu, it seems only fair to give him this. But...it doesn't mean that I can't make a few suggestions...

Starting From The Top:
1. Boozy Olives. These gin soaked olives seem like they could be a complete meal for me.
2. Adult Shirely Temples.  They seem like the kind of drink that could get me into trouble
3. Lemons. Ok so these aren't to drink but I just love how simple it is to make them special.
4. Striped Ice.  Marthas version of these is simply beautiful but dudes, let's get real, I ain't making 4 different flavors all for one cube. I am thinking lemon and lime stripes for some vodka.

What are you drinking this weekend?

order up

Clockwise from top left seen Here, Here, Here, and Here

When I am hosting a party, I want to be able to make sure that I give myself enough time. Time to make sure I am not still wearing my yoga pants and Olympic t-shirt when my guests arrive. Time to make sure the bathroom trash has been taken out and laundry isn't laying on the floor. And maybe even time to try those false eyelashes. So in order to make sure, I try to streamline the food. Since this isn't going to be a sit down dinner but more of a cocktail vibe, I figured why not try a bruscetta (just don't ask how I pronounce it) party. So I am going with Butternut Squash and Ricotta, Creamed Mushrooms,
Mozzarella Pesto and Arugula , and Grilled Asparagus. I love the idea of having these guys out with some various other little snacks, maybe some cured meats, some spiced nuts and who know what else..

Let's be honest, this dude will probably be there too. Seen Here

my inner martha stewart

So here is the deal. this saturday night a bunch of friends, pb and myself totally YOLO'ed out and are going to a jay-z (and beyonce/rihanna/lil wayne/kanye too fingers crossed) concert at the new Barclays stadium in Brooklyn. PB and I literally live on the same street and will be hosting a little get together beforehand. So throughout today, I thought that it would be fun to go through some ideas of what I plan on serving. And please give me any tips you might have...time management in the kitchen is sometimes hard for me so let me know what you got. Lets do it.

Images clockwise from Here, Here, and Here

one month later

and I am totally into blogging. Maybe I should get a piece of cake or at least a cupcake to mark the occasion.
How amazing is that cake!?! My friend Lanie made it for my birthday. It tasted even better than it looked which is pretty impressive. Lanie-- start a bakery!

the hills are alive

I know that a lot of you know about this site already but for those who don't, The Beauty Department is where it is at. First of all, lets all give it up to Lauren Conrad for having a real normal non-seemingly drug induced life, post reality television. Way to get it girl! But honestly, this site has been my go to when I am am trying to figure out a new way to do my hair, nails or make-up. I found their cat-eye tutorial really helpful.

Seen here

Could false eyelashes be next? Have you ever used them? Is it as easy at they make it look? Let me know.

Seen Here

There is still time...

To vote for Amy Here
Guys, she needs your help, click here to vote

are you a country or a city mouse?

 Right now I am a city mouse. I love that we can walk out of our door and stroll to some of the most amazing restaurants (and bagels) this country has to offer. I love that I feel completely safe, that the subway can get you anywhere that you need to go, that my friends and lots of my family are all around. But then I leave the city it physical feels different, kinda in a good way. And it makes me think...where will the next adventure take me? Where do you guys live? Where makes you happy?

From Left to Right on Each Row. 
Blue Ridge Parkway, New York Subway, Taxis near Time Square, Pennsylvania Commute, 
Joshua Tree, My Walk Home in Brooklyn all from my iphone. 

So happy you're back

is it cold in here? oh no, it must be a....

Oh yeah, just my stuff
After the holidays this past year, lets just say my credit card statement wasn't exactly what I wanted it to be. Once I did the math, I made a plan. I put myself on hold from buying anything that wasn't a necessity from January 1st until February 14th. The thought process was that there was a deadline and I could see it. It wasn't like 6 months, this was totally do-able. And I still allowed myself to go window shopping, even try stuff on. If I was still thinking about whatever it had been, and it wasn't a total budget buster, then after the 14th, I told myself that I could buy it. The thing was that I never went back for anything. A great resource and a way that I got through it was looking at Pinterest and putting clothing together to make an outfit that I wouldn't have otherwise.
So now with the summer packed full of vacations, moving and new jean shorts, its time for another spending freeze. It's actually been on for me since post-Barneys Warehouse Sale and I am trying to make it until Halloween. This time, it hasn't been as easy. With the fall season in full effect, oxblood being the color of the moment and me still desperately wanting leather leggings, it might not have been the best planning (so far only cheating once due to my iphone case and these new lipbalms that I have been meaning to tell you about). But lord knows I feel better when I see that Amex statement at the end of the month.

How do you save money? Any tips? Do you use an app for budgeting? Dudes, lets talk.

For your morning enjoyment

Because Tuesdays at 10:30 can be ruff (ha!)

A vote for Amy!

My good friend Amy recently ordered and recieved 4 pairs of glasses from the ever cool company Warby Parker.  This online company will send you up to 5 pairs to try on at home and if and when you make a purchase, they give a pair of glasses to someone in need. Plus their styles are totally current and cool. I feel like a Dos Equis ad when I say this but its true-- I don't wear glasses, but if I did, I would wear Warby Parkers. Amy looks awesme in glasses and was having a tough time picking which she should go. Each is slightly different (we hope you can tell) so we  it would be fun (and informative) to take it to the masses and hear what you guys think. Voting will be up for the week, let Amy know which you like.

your feedback

This past weekend I was chatting with a few friends and this here blog came up. Both Erica and Sara gave me really great suggestions --noticed the subscribe to blog via email--you can thank Sara for that. So here is the deal, if you have a suggestion, a thought or idea regarding this blog, I am all ears. Drop it in the comments section, send me a personal note and sky write it. Basically, let me know and I will do what I can, learn how to expand and get you what you need. Just let me know.

Sunday Dinner

This week is a bit busy. We are what you called...booked. Dinner with my great aunt, Yom Kipper, babysitting, and a work dinner. So basically, our weekly dinner planning is taking a week off. Except for tonight, my favorite, Sunday dinner. With a little bit of a chill in the air, football on the tv, the Emmys on later tonight, its the perfect storm -- soups on. Its Kale Soup night with a side of garlic bread (Thanks Eric for the lesson in Cape Cod). I will probably pick up some cold cuts and other goodies to get through lunch. Not sure that we need dessert since this treat was inhaled at around 3 pm. What are you having for dinner this week?
We were for a Salted Carmel Smore. It was awesome.


Seen Here

i fell in love with an iphone case, i fell in love with an iphone case*

*sung to the tune of the Rihanna hit "I fell in love in a hopeless place"

Seriously guys, I am totally loving my new InCase Iphone case. It comes in a ton of really cool metalic colors, golds and silvers but this Rose Gold is totally my favorite. I will be honest, I happened to be around Lincoln Center one day having lunch during fashion week and saw two different highly stylized ladies rocking versions of this case. And in the words of Wayne Campbell, I thought "It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine." And with ShopBop free ground shipping, in 5-7 days it was! It's totally zang!

Purchased on ShopBop Here


Seen Here

can you tell i love pizza? its in my east coast blood.  I could eat it morning-- cold please, noon and night. I was walking down court street and just the smell from a basic pizzeria made my mouth water.  For the first night of football, PB and I picked up some pies from the new Dellarocco's  that were truly delicious, we are now in week 2 of football and have been back twice. So when I came across this tumblr, The New York Pizza Project, I kinda had to think, why didn't I think of that. These dudes travel throughout the city, looking for the ultimate slice. I might have to follow their crumbs.
Seen Here

Pashy got tired

Listen To Pashy Snoring

double duty

I have never been one that washes my face. Sure, in the shower, I would wash it but I never subscribed to the specific face washes out there. And lord knows I love me a CVS but that is a whole other story. When I began to travel more and more for work, my face cleaning process began to run into some issues. I was often going straight to a meeting and wanting to have a fresh start to my make up without having to take a shower. This was when I met the pre-moistened towelettes that are now out there on the market. You know them, you might love them. But do you ever feel guilty using them? I will cut to today, even though I am traveling less, I am using these more...like everyday. I love them and even though they are biodegradable, I wanted to make sure I was not wasting any of them. Plus they aren't free. So here has been my solution to alleviate some of my guilt. I clean my face thoroughly with one side of the towelette and then flip it over and clean whatever needs cleaning in the bathroom with the other side. The best part about this is that my mom and I were talking our love of these towelettes and my mom told me that she cleans the faucets with the other side. Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

These are my favorite, they smell amazing and are biodegradable...phew

i meant to ask

any book recs? I finally finished my last book and am plowing through Lush Life, my book club book. What do you got?

I can't quit you

I have been reading the same book for the past 2 months. It isn't a particularly long good, about 450 pages. I have had to take a break and read 3 others. I will be blunt, I am suffering. But I won't give up. When you guys are hating a book, do you keep going or do you give up?

he got me

Since moving here PB has run into some really tough New York situations. Driving a U-Haul through the streets to get here, finding an M&T bank, getting a parking ticket, waiting 2 hours for dinner at Mission Chinese, waiting for the F train after Mission Chinese, getting stuck in the rain, being told 3 hours at Pok Pok after we both said to each other that we were starving.
After each of these what could be disasters, PB has found a way to deal. He blames it on the mayor. His proclamation "Bloomberg Got Me" has become a mantra in our house and to be completely honest...I love it. When I realized I left my phone at work, while being a the Barneys Warehouse Sale, on the Friday afternoon of Labor Day Weekend, having to go back to the office only to get stuck on the subway going home, there was only one answer that made sense. Bloomberg Got Me.
I am feeling a bit of that this week. I sometimes forget how tough a place New York can be. And then, that petite billionaire mayor of mine sneaks up on me and shakes me up. He gets me good.

The groundhog who got him back seen here

on a day like this, i wish i was here

Image Seen Here

Image Seen Here

Image Seen Here

schier shoes

I first saw these shoes on Oh Joy and needed to know more. Schier Shoes are not only cute but they are handmade by eight gentleman in Namibia. Each is made from wild kudu and they make them for both kids and adults. I am really liking the grey suede and neon are pretty on trend. Maybe not the most coast effective shoes but at least you get a good story.

a happy and healthy

Cookies from Eleni's

Happy New Year from our house to yours....unless you aren't Jewish

The Vamoose

How cool are these pieces of jewelry from the British company The Vamoose? After 2 minutes of being on my Pinterest page, they were already repined 8 times. I love the mix of materials and how even though each piece is different they have a cohesive look as a whole.  Feel free to message me directly to ask for my mailing address if you suddenly feel the urge to buy me any of these. Happy Monday.

Here's is what I am thinking for the week...yum

#1 Crunchy Cabbage Salad Seen Here
#2 Honey Garlic Pork Chops Seen Here
#3 Spanish Chicken with Chorizo and Potatoes Seen Here
#4 Balsamic Roasted Chickpeas Seen Here
#5 Lamb Tagine with Olives and Lemon Seen Here
#6 Come to mama homemade Cheez-Its Seen Here
#7 Smoked Paprika Potatoes Seen Here
#8 Baked Orzo with Eggplant and Mozzarella Seen Here

and i still havent seen it

Image from Here

My boo

I need to tell you something mildly embarrassing. When I was in the younger portion of high school, I once recording myself...on my boom box... singing along to Lauren Hills version of Killing Them Softly to hear what my voice sounded like. In my head, I knew that I was no Mariah or Whitney but I thought maybe, just maybe I was more of a Ashanti or even my girl Mary J.  I will be blunt with what I learned that day in my childhood bedroom, God did not grace me with the gift of voice. But the thing is, I heard how bad it was, cringed, curled my toes, and just kept singing. I love to sing, and am particularly drawn to songs that I have no business singing to. It's a fact of my life. The lady who really does it for me these past few years is Alica Keys. In college, the classic hit My Boo feat. Usher was it. I became a master of the part that goes "My oh, my oh, my ohhh, my ohh, my boooo."  I also did a great rendition of "Baby baby baby" from ever popular You Don't Know My Name. Post college, I would fold my laundry while belting out the words the No One, at times with such passion that I had to clench my fists and hold them close to my heart.

Time has past since those days, Alica had a baby and got married. I moved to Brooklyn and got a dog. But I knew in my heart, that something would always keep us connected. And then I saw it. A new Citibank commercial feat. my main girl, Alica Keys singing her new soon to be hit Girl on Fire (which is not a reference to Katniss by the way) and with that, I have been hooked. So without further ado, I encourage you all to sing along...Ladies and Gentleman, I give you, Alica Keys. 

 The singing along magic starts at around a minute and five seconds 
What do you think? Any other songs that I need to know about when I want to belt it out?

how I feel most mornings

Seen Here

winner winner chicken dinner

Mazel Tov is in order Barbara for being the first winner of an MP Daily Giveaway. Please contact me to claim your teal bracelet! Another giveaway coming up soon! And seriously, thank you everyone who entered. I love seeing who is actually looking at this blog and it means so much to me to see all those names.You rule.

goop gone crew

What did I tell you? J.Crew man. Effing J. Crew  First Tumblr, now they got their hooks in Gwen too. What will these on trend, creative, stylish bastards come up with next? And yes, I totally want that jacket.

are you badass enough?

guys, leather is in. keeping up with the kardashians told me so. kim is always getting on a
private plane to meet up with 'ye wearing tight as all get out leather leggings. and you
know what? she looks hot. Sure, I take the subway to meet PB. And I don't travel with a
team that does my hair and make-up. But lord knows, I can and plan* on rocking some
leather leggings.

the kim-speration
*by plan, I mean I plan to take out a loan. These puppies ain't cheap. Pleather is looking
better and better. What you do guys think? Is fake leather totally cheese city? Anyone want
to sponsor me on this quests of tight leather pants?

mucho thank you

afternoon delight

I have a secret. I know something that is not common knowledge and I have decided that I am willing to share. After much research I have come to certainty that Diet Sunkist is the best diet soda out there. Yes, Diet Coke and I will always been together. He is my first true but no longer my one and only. Diet Sunkist has no diet taste, just pure orange greatness particularly paring well with pizza of all toppings. Find at your local market, best served chilled. You're welcome.
From Here

have twenty minutes and feel like crying?

Watch these Google Commercials. I know it's a bunch but trust me, you won't be able to turn them off.  Get the tissues ready. Also, get the tissues ready for tears of joy, there is still time to enter the Tommy & Ella give away. Click here for details.

We're giving it away!

My Fav From Tommy & Ella
Sheere Wu, owner and creator of Tommy & Ella is my home-girl. Seriously, she and I work together at our 9 to 5 and then like to hang out from 5 to 9. Sheree is endlessly talented both professionally and creatively, and pushes those that she works with to get on board with that kind of ethic. In a nutshell, she is awesome. And if that wasn't enough, she runs the super cute etsy site Tommy & Ella filled with very sweet bracelets. I wear these by the stack (I am actually her hand model in her company picture) and have sent them as gifts to ladies I love. So in honor of my third week of blogging, Sheree's awesomeness and feeling like fall has arrived, I am doing my first give away.  Here is the deal. Just visit the Tommy & Ella Etsy Store and shout out in the comments section which bracelet you like best. Winner will be picked at random on Thursday at 5pm EST. Best of luck and pass it on!

Thanks Kevin, where ever you are, for this picture of Sheree and me!

(Image from here)

more bic for her talk

npr got a hold of this story and ran with it. check out out here

thanks lanie for the heads up!

blowing up like i thought i would

here are some of the pins that have blown up on my Pinterest page.

Bleached Out Heart T-Shirt. This seems like something that could be a total DIY. Repined 28 times 
Seen Here

Leather Jacket, White T-Shirt. What a hot look. Repined 79 times
Seen Here

Double Heart Bracelet. Currently not available on esty but fingers crossed it will be back soon. Repined 43 times
Seen Here, hope they come back!

Pink Shoes and Jeans. I don't own anything like this but I sure with I would. Repined 62 times

Seen Here

Leather jacket, amazing hat. I see this look and I CRAVE the chilly weather. This look will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine. Repined 51 times
Seen Here
How rad is the kitchen table set up. I am not sure PB would ever go for it but I love the layers and the cool pink table base. Repined 57 times

Seen Here

Neutral paint colors. This was one of my early pins and I still really like it. Its the kind of pin I hope to come back to in a few years when I don't have to ask a landlord about painting. Repined 43 times

Seen Here

Which is your favorite? Are you on pinerest? Anyone that I should follow?

putting this out into the universe

here is my idea of the weekend. i would like to go to a sports bar that serves good chinese food. sub out the wings, nachos and quesadillas and sub in dumplings, fried rice and spare ribs. just a thought.
Seen Here

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