are you badass enough?

guys, leather is in. keeping up with the kardashians told me so. kim is always getting on a
private plane to meet up with 'ye wearing tight as all get out leather leggings. and you
know what? she looks hot. Sure, I take the subway to meet PB. And I don't travel with a
team that does my hair and make-up. But lord knows, I can and plan* on rocking some
leather leggings.

the kim-speration
*by plan, I mean I plan to take out a loan. These puppies ain't cheap. Pleather is looking
better and better. What you do guys think? Is fake leather totally cheese city? Anyone want
to sponsor me on this quests of tight leather pants?


  1. i still like the club monaco half-leather/half-tight version for you. you can totally work those!


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