my inner martha stewart

So here is the deal. this saturday night a bunch of friends, pb and myself totally YOLO'ed out and are going to a jay-z (and beyonce/rihanna/lil wayne/kanye too fingers crossed) concert at the new Barclays stadium in Brooklyn. PB and I literally live on the same street and will be hosting a little get together beforehand. So throughout today, I thought that it would be fun to go through some ideas of what I plan on serving. And please give me any tips you might have...time management in the kitchen is sometimes hard for me so let me know what you got. Lets do it.

Images clockwise from Here, Here, and Here


  1. Ahh...YOLO...what is this?? Help a sista out!

    1. YOLO- You Only Live Once. Applicable when eating your 5th slice of pizza or spending too much money on concert tickets.
      Use it homie!


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