Meal Planning

One thing that has really changed since PB and I have moved in together is dinner. Since he came from suburban PA, one thing that he was accustom to was a once a week large grocery shop. And since I have always lived on the top floor of almost every apartment building, the idea of a large shop has always been somewhat daunting. But for the sake of our relationship (he did give up central air conditioning for me), we went to Fairway and loaded up. I will be honest, the first week it did not go so smoothly. I failed to see what a great opportunity it was and rolled my eyes as I rushed PB through the aisles. That behavior didn't last long. PB told me I was being a brat and to his credit, I was.

I quickly realized that there are some real benefits to these weekly shopping trips. PB is a grocery store kind of guy, literally he works in the business and knows stores inside out, along with where the deals are. There was also something comfortingly domestic about this that I think both of us found peace in. And on top of that, a light bulb went off, Maddy-- you love to cook, now all you have to do is plan. So now instead of scouring my Pinterest page at 5pm each night, I take care of that on Sunday before the shopping trip. Here is a look at some of sides and mains that we will be dining on this week.

Shrimp and Lamb Kebabs might be a little out of the norm,  and for the sauce, I was actually thinking of asking Pita Grill for a container of the Roasted Red Pepper dressing since it is basically heaven. 

Marinated and roasted balsamic onions found here
Garlic-Chili Roasted Broccoli
We taste testing this sauce at the Park Slope Farmers Market. WOW
Tonight, I am adding the sauce to chicken, green peppers and new potatoes.
You can order here

PB and I have developed a pretty good system around here. I cook, he does dishes (though he likes to soak and I like to scrub). PB takes a sandwich to work for lunch and I take the leftovers. And Pashy looks for treats here and there...

Very focused on PB eating Pirates Booty


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