y'all ready for this

cue the jock jams, its time for football and guess what i am most excited about? no, not that sweet-ass dance that victor cruz does (though i do love it)  nor is it PB looking like an investment banker with 2 computer screens, an iphone and ipad wheeling and dealing the fantasy circuit. guys, come on. its the food. so in no particular order, here is what i am pumped to make and then stuff my face with during the season.

  • Feta Pine Nut Dip Ok, so maybe we aren't starting off with the manliest of foods out there but who care, i am a lady anyway. 
  • Siracha Honey Buffalo Wings If you have never had siracha and honey mixed together, get on it. They totally compliment each other in a way you didn't know possible..i am looking at you Vanderbilt Brussel Spouts  These might take me a little trial and error but i have a feeling they will be worth it.
  • Caramelized Onion & Prosciutto Pizza I would be a total liar if i didn't tell you that we eat this pizza on the monthly basis. Pioneer Woman has been my lady crush for years and almost everything she touches in the kitchen turns to pure enjoyment. This is no exception to the rule. Its a must make. Do it. 

  •  Zucchini Fries I was recently at a diner and asked if they had these available. Ever since the waitress told me no, i have been craving these. Yummy dipped in warmed up (it must be warm) marinara and i am good to go
  • Hot Caprese Dip I love a Caprese salad. I love queso-dip. Let's point out the obvious, i love cheese. Yumm.

i am sure that i will be making and eating a ton more this NFL season. i will keep you posted with what i think is totally amazing and worth making. and if you have any awesome food to share, please let me know.

(best i could do on the image source was Pinterest) (Wings image from here)


  1. My dream in life is to someday have a pizza oven so I can always be making über thin crust and delicious pizza...oh gp you make it look so easy!

    1. invite me over when that happens!! seriously, the pizza about is totally amazing and super easy.


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