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can you tell i love pizza? its in my east coast blood.  I could eat it morning-- cold please, noon and night. I was walking down court street and just the smell from a basic pizzeria made my mouth water.  For the first night of football, PB and I picked up some pies from the new Dellarocco's  that were truly delicious, we are now in week 2 of football and have been back twice. So when I came across this tumblr, The New York Pizza Project, I kinda had to think, why didn't I think of that. These dudes travel throughout the city, looking for the ultimate slice. I might have to follow their crumbs.
Seen Here


  1. I need that poster. And i need to get involved with The New York Pizzza Projet. ASAP.

    1. I totally hear you! I think the poster would look so great in a kitchen. Dude-- get on it


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