blowing up like i thought i would

here are some of the pins that have blown up on my Pinterest page.

Bleached Out Heart T-Shirt. This seems like something that could be a total DIY. Repined 28 times 
Seen Here

Leather Jacket, White T-Shirt. What a hot look. Repined 79 times
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Double Heart Bracelet. Currently not available on esty but fingers crossed it will be back soon. Repined 43 times
Seen Here, hope they come back!

Pink Shoes and Jeans. I don't own anything like this but I sure with I would. Repined 62 times

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Leather jacket, amazing hat. I see this look and I CRAVE the chilly weather. This look will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine. Repined 51 times
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How rad is the kitchen table set up. I am not sure PB would ever go for it but I love the layers and the cool pink table base. Repined 57 times

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Neutral paint colors. This was one of my early pins and I still really like it. Its the kind of pin I hope to come back to in a few years when I don't have to ask a landlord about painting. Repined 43 times

Seen Here

Which is your favorite? Are you on pinerest? Anyone that I should follow?


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