there is a small part of me that always wanted to be a bartender. More often than not in movies and tv shows, bartenders seem to be the coolest person in the room. They know all this random knowledge, probably get to see some pretty amazing/embarssing things and not wake up with the hangover. But alas, PB has claimed this duty for Saturday nights festivities and since I called the shots on mostly everything else regarding the menu, it seems only fair to give him this. doesn't mean that I can't make a few suggestions...

Starting From The Top:
1. Boozy Olives. These gin soaked olives seem like they could be a complete meal for me.
2. Adult Shirely Temples.  They seem like the kind of drink that could get me into trouble
3. Lemons. Ok so these aren't to drink but I just love how simple it is to make them special.
4. Striped Ice.  Marthas version of these is simply beautiful but dudes, let's get real, I ain't making 4 different flavors all for one cube. I am thinking lemon and lime stripes for some vodka.

What are you drinking this weekend?


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