he got me

Since moving here PB has run into some really tough New York situations. Driving a U-Haul through the streets to get here, finding an M&T bank, getting a parking ticket, waiting 2 hours for dinner at Mission Chinese, waiting for the F train after Mission Chinese, getting stuck in the rain, being told 3 hours at Pok Pok after we both said to each other that we were starving.
After each of these what could be disasters, PB has found a way to deal. He blames it on the mayor. His proclamation "Bloomberg Got Me" has become a mantra in our house and to be completely honest...I love it. When I realized I left my phone at work, while being a the Barneys Warehouse Sale, on the Friday afternoon of Labor Day Weekend, having to go back to the office only to get stuck on the subway going home, there was only one answer that made sense. Bloomberg Got Me.
I am feeling a bit of that this week. I sometimes forget how tough a place New York can be. And then, that petite billionaire mayor of mine sneaks up on me and shakes me up. He gets me good.

The groundhog who got him back seen here


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