I need your help

Paul and I are going to wedding this weekend in Pennsylvania. It should be a blast and since it is one of Paul's friends, I am excited to see a group of people that we don't get to see all that often. I am wearing this black peplum dress that I picked up from Anthropologie and really love (though just a heads up, I am totally not wearing it with those tights or shoes-- I think that I might go with these that I picked up this fall)

But here is where I need your help....what jewelery do you wear with this dress? I have never rocked a peplum before and don't really know if a necklace works with the neckline. So fashionistas out there..help!

Dream Jeans

I know that I owe you guys a lot more blog posts. My computer at home is on the major fritz and work has been so busy that finding the time and place to get here hasn't been easy. But when it comes to letting you know all about a sale, it seems worth it. I have recently found the Skinny Skinny Ankle Jeans from Madewell. I love their fit, the colors the come in (I have them in this Olive color) and how they aren't too hard on the wallet. They were the perfect pair in Paris,dressing up with wedges or down with my loafers. And now, they are on sale. Trust me, they are the bomb!

All of Madewell sale is now 20% off. Did you find anything else? PS This isn't a sponsered post from Madewell, just a hey, I love these jeans and I love you guys type of thing.

Steak Night!

So I have a new grocery shopping habit. I have signed myself up for the Fairway email. Initially my reason was so that I was entered into a $1,000.00 Fairway gift card giveaway. But since I didn't win that, or powerball (what the what!) I thought that maybe I would unsubscribe. Until I noticed that this weekly email sends me what is on sale for the week. Two words: Game Changer. I know go in with not only a weekly plan but also know that I am getting the most bang for my buck. You can check out the sales here for your own local store.

This week the bang came in the shape of a sirloin steak. And at 5.99 lb, we totally pulled a JD and Turk.

One last Paris note

Seen here

Ok, so I know that I have only done a mixed job on my Paris recap. Since we have been back, my computer won't seem to hold a charge so getting the right time to blog has been tricky. But I made a commitment and I will follow though. So that said, I do have one last (probably not) Paris tip. I am sure that many of you are familiar with Design Sponge, the mother ship of design blogs. Well they also happen to do a really great recap of things to do in cities around the world.  I went there to read up on Paris which led me to Anne, blogger in her own rite at Pret a Voyager and wait for it....tour guide in Paris, which I booked right on the spot. Once I booked the tour, Anne sent us a questionnaire of things that we would be interested and from there tailored the tour to our wants and needs. We met up with her on Monday and had an awesome time. She gave us a lay of the land, explained the street signs, subways and gave us an inside scoop on the best of the hood. I am still dreaming of these pistachio chocolate pastry wheels that she introduced us to. I felt after a day spent with her that I had a much better sense of the city layout and what was worth checking out. If you are ever in Paris and need some help, I highly rec
ommend reaching out to her. Merci Anne! 

TGI-This weather on the weekend!

Weekend Calendar Seen on Saturday.com
Happy Friday!! This weekend, I am going to try to snuggle with my new nephew Henry as much as possible, while still having fun with my other nephew Jake. They are just too cute. Also, I am looking forward to a normal week ahead, going grocery shopping on Sunday and meal planning (which I will share on here) and just being around.

What about you? Any good plans for the weekend. I know that I owe you all some more Paris thoughts and idea and maybe even sharing the story of my evening/morning with Jake while my sister gave birth. 

When it rains, it pours! (But in a good way)

Seen on Little Lovely Beauty

Last night I got a really cute text message from my friend Margaret. She said "Between Paris and nephew number two, I would say its a damn good month!" Good Lord, thank you Margaret! I am the type of person that cannot always see the positive and when you pointed it out like that, it was as Oprah would say, my A-ha Moment. This May has been one for the books. New job, Paris, Birthday and the best brand new nephew I could ask for. And the best part is.....it's only halfway through!

How is your month going? Do you have a favorite month?

What we did!

While traveling with Paul, I have learned a lot about both of us and how we operate and how to work as a team. I enjoy research. I read blogs, magazines, papers to get an idea of what interests me (and keeping Paul in mind). I then present these ideas to Paul and we go from there, picking out things that he likes ...from my already gathered list. He can totally go and do his own research if he wants but more often than not, this is how things end up working. I will be honest, at first I felt like I was doing all the work without him but we talked about it and he pointed out that I actually enjoy doing it and in the long run, probably works out better so I made my peace and planned it out.

Since we were there for a whole week, I may leave some things out but if you have any questions, feel free to ask! Also, I would love to know how other people plan vacations. Here are just a few pictures, with more to come!

The first few days, we just would get lost and wonder around the amazing streets, totally getting into feeling Parisian.
On Monday, we actually went on a tour (more to come) and got a much better sense of the layout of the city.
We ended up skipping the Louve all together and instead did the Musee D'Orsay which is much smaller. Both of us really liked the space (an old train station)
And of course a picnic at the Eiffel Tower


I will return soon to the scheduled Paris talk but I came across this video and it was simply too good to wait. As a graduate of Kenyon, maybe this hold some special meaning to me, or maybe it is just simply special. Let me know what you think.

Paris-- Our Apartment

As you all know, we had some last minute changes to our apartment in Paris. I can only think that it was a blessing in disguise since we ended up in a really great place. Below are some pictures of it and while it was incredibly cute and nice, it was more important in a great location. We were one block from the Metro (aka Best Public Transportation Ever) and on Sundays and Thursdays, steps from an amazing market in Bastille. Since Paris is so walkable, I am not sure there is a bad location but really, if you are going, check out The Marais. Here are a few pictures of the apartment from the listing. (Also remember that I negotiated the price, something to keep in mind for the future!)


Hello hello! Well Paul and I are back from am pretty amazing trip to Paris. I cannot wait to update all of you, share pics and tips of what we did...and didn't do.

I am just getting a little caught up on my regular 9-5 so it may take a bit but I promise I will do it! With pictures too. Get ready!
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