Paris-- Our Apartment

As you all know, we had some last minute changes to our apartment in Paris. I can only think that it was a blessing in disguise since we ended up in a really great place. Below are some pictures of it and while it was incredibly cute and nice, it was more important in a great location. We were one block from the Metro (aka Best Public Transportation Ever) and on Sundays and Thursdays, steps from an amazing market in Bastille. Since Paris is so walkable, I am not sure there is a bad location but really, if you are going, check out The Marais. Here are a few pictures of the apartment from the listing. (Also remember that I negotiated the price, something to keep in mind for the future!)


  1. apartment looks amazing! can't wait to hear more about the trip...welcome back!! have missed my mpdaily :)

  2. These are great pictures and it looks like an awesome place to stay. Were you able to look at pictures before making the reservation? Did the photos match up? Just curious how accurate the advertising was.

    1. Hey Sofia, these were photos that we saw before booking the apartment. I would say overall they match up. I do think that maybe the colors were enhanced a bit to make the place look a little more vibrant but overall, it was a just like this!


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