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There are a few things that makes me most excited about Spring coming (only 20 days away!) is that 1. I can stop wearing my winter coat. Right about now, I am so over you. 2. Pasha will be willing to stay out longer that 3 minutes. Homeboy hates the cold. And 3. Spring fruits and veggies. And when I came across this cheat sheet of sorts that lets you know what is in season, I can get a jump start on my weekly menu planning! Sure, I might miss my kale but I am too distracted by the mushrooms and artichokes that I am going to roast up. What are you excited to make? Or are you weird and going to miss winter?
Seen on Style Me Green. This site has a TON of awesome recipes, templates and info.

Missed Connections Break Down

Published in Psychology Today,  Dorothy Gambrell's Missed Connections map is fascinating. Printed within the confines of each state line is the most common place that Missed Connections occur via Craigslist.  Have you ever posted a Missed Connection? Or ever been the connection missed? I have to admit that during my first year of living in New York, I posted one. And true to this map, it was for a dude that I would see all the time on the L Train. He never wrote back. Wa wa.

From Psychology Today
Thanks Lanie for sending this my way!

In the words of Homer Simpson....

Order yours here at All You Can Eat Press


Do you still shop flash sales?

Everything Must Go! Seen on StyleWise

Do you remember when first came out? I would check that email everyday to see what brands they were going to carry and sometimes log in at 11:50 to be ready for the 12 o'clock sale. Then came Rue La La, One Kings Lane, HauteLook, Beyond the Rack, Ideeli and Swirl among others. I suddenly felt totally overwhelmed by the emails and often underwhelmed by the inventory that I completely cut myself off from all of them. Today, the only one that I still check out on the daily is One Kings Lane with the glance Gilt City. What about you guys? Do you shop this way? Is there one site that you love to check out? Any major success or failures?

Get busy living watching movies

Based on A Stephen King short story, Shawshank image seen here
This weekend, PB and I were flipping around on the TV and a commercial for Shawshank Redemption came on. I started quoting lines while Paul looked at me with total confusion. When I asked him if he had ever seen it, he shockingly said that he hadn't. What!? So being that it was Oscar weekend, early Saturday evening, we watched it and I am happy to report that he loved it.
 I knew Paul couldn't be the only one missing the classics so I decided to take a look at AFI's Great Movie's of All Time List. This is an awesome list when you are trying to decide what to watch on those Friday nights when the thought of going out even for one beer makes your head hurt. Midnight Cowboy, Raging Bull and....Citizen Cane. I am coming for you. What about you guys, anything on this list that you are missing?

Also, we finally saw Celeste and Jesse Forever this weekend and I highly recommend it.


I need to raid my parents house for better pictures showing more love between us, though  this is  a classic

Happy Birthday to my younger sister Rachael today! Rachael actually lives in Ohio but surprised us when she flew in a few weeks ago to all celebrate February birthdays which was so awesome and sweet. It was one of those things that was so perfect considering as I was locking the door to leave the house, PB said "I wish Rachie were coming tonight." Our minds were blown!  Happy Birthday Rach! Thanks for always letting me know what the kids are listening to, how to wear my clothes cooler and making PB laugh like no one else can. You are the best little sister in the world and I love you so much!

I've got a hair crush

I think that I might have to bite the bullet and get my hair cut and colored. I cannot get this style out of my mind. What do you think? Also, middle part. Welcome back, my inner 8th grader has missed you.

Oh Leandra, you are simply the best. Seen Here

My New Favorite App

 Dudes, there are so many apps out there, no not even get me started. But one recently has really caught my eye and my heart. Called Over, this app lets you put really beautiful fonts on any of your photos. Not only that but the super user friendly app helps you with a ton of fun colors, spacing help and did I mention, the amazing font collection. But here is my favorite part. Once you have edited you picture, you can upload it directly to Insagram, Facebook or even create a postcard right from the app! How cool is that? Here is what has been keeping me busy on my subway ride this morning. Any apps that you are totally digging?

Lost and Found

Seen Here. And honestly, the ring really looks like one of the above
One of my dear friends recently had a pretty exceptional thing happen. While on vacation in a condo community she went to do her laundry in the common laundry area. When taking out her dry clothes, along with her t-shirt and unmentionables, out came a diamond ring! This ring is beautiful and obvious she wants to get it back to its rightful owner but here is the thing, no one has claimed it. She has let the management know, taking all the precautions you would do in order to give the ring back and still nothing! Isn't that shocking? She flies back today and if they still haven't heard anything, the ring is coming too! Has anything like this ever happened to you? The most I have ever found was $5.00....and that was in my own jean pocket!

Winner Winner

Just wanted to let you all know that Sheree is the winner of Melissa's Cheap Thrill Give Away. Mazel Sheree and email me here to claim your prize (or dial my work extension).

A Valentine's Day Surprise

 So last night PB surprised me by taking me out to dinner to The Odeon. We tend to stay in Brooklyn when going out so it was really fun and romantic being in the city. After our ice cream sunday we decided that it would be a good idea to take a walk. As we headed down Duane Street, we came across Duane Park. When we looked in to the ornately decorated restaurant, an old fashion like singer was belting out Let's Stay Together and people were slow dancing so we decided to go in and grab a seat a the bar. We ordered our drinks  and then the singer introduced the next portion of the show...a burlesque dancer! She came out in a beautiful glittery red dress and by the end of her performance (which was in the middle of the restaurant) was just in tassels and a thong! It was incredible. We later learned that we had missed a few other performances and if they were anything like the one we say, I bet they were incredible. I definitely what to go another time for the entire show! I wanted to take pictures but didn't think it would be right but was so glad that I was able to find these from the Duane Park website!  Thanks Paulie for a great night!

Look how close they get to the diners!

What a brave woman!

Lady Gaga has even performed there   

Young Love

Oh what could have been....

Seen on Jezebel Thanks Sophie!

My favorite Valentine's Day Card

Seen in NYMag

Cheap Thrills- Melissa's Pick

Image Seen Here
The latest and greatest Cheap Thrill comes from my friend Melissa. I was introduced to her through my dear friend Erica and I am so glad that I have had a chance to get to know Melissa. From getting robbed in Spain (we were fine, my new phone wasn't) to dancing down on the Jersey Shore, Melissa has kept me laughing the whole time. But beyond funny, Melissa is incredible smart, driven and always looks amazing. When she sent over her Cheap Thrill pick of rollerball perfume from Sephora, it was like a light bulb went off in my brain and I couldn't wait to share. In Melissas own words "I like to switch up my perfume often (when the seasons change or after a big life event like moving, breaking up with someone, etc) and this is a cheap way to do it!"

For today's Cheap Thrill, you get to pick any scent from the Sephora Rollerball selection. Just leave a comment of either your signature scent or which perfume you would like. Winner will be picked on Friday at 5pm.

Good Luck!

Printables on Blogs

One of the things that I love about the blogging community is all the amazing things that become available on them. I have learned different ways to braid my hair, about upcoming art exhibits and added a million movies to my must see list. But one of the things that impress me most is all the free printable templates that are out there. With a few simple materials (and a printer) you can have amazing note cards, gift tags, even baskets! Because so many creative people blogging, this is such a cool way of sharing their skills. Below is a quick little round up of some of my favorites out there. Below each image is the link that will take you to the printable page.

Put a bird on it! Literally. These are so sweet and would make a great gift tag! Seen on Rebecca's Misc

These are pretty impressive & on my list for summer. Could be great of Valentine's Day too. Seen on Oh Happy Day

Perfectly cute and without having to run to Duane Reade. Score. Seen on Ruffled

Blankets on my mind

Maybe it was the chilly weekend and gross weather today, or maybe it is my Pinterest addiction talk here but I am really craving a cozy blanket for our bed. Something that when the bed is made, would neat stay folded at the bottom but when we are in bed, could provide another layer without being too much. Does anyone else out there use this method? What do you think of these blankets? Both seen on One Kings Lane.

What do Paul and Ellen DeGeneres have in common?

They both had this reaction watching the Grammys last night.

Seen Here
 Did you guys watch it at all? I didn't think that I would and then got totally sucked in and had a group chat with my younger sister and Dad debating the return of Justin Timberlake. I am totally pro. My dad, not so much.


Snowy Hair Seen Here
Happy Snow Weekend to those of you in the New York, New England area. For those who aren't, please feel free to send some sunshine to us soon! With the weather getting worse, I am so ready to head back to the comforts of bed. Flight is now available On Demand and my list of Pinterest Projects are adding up. I think it could be a good weekend try a few. What about you? What are you up to this weekend? And if you have a second, check out my projects and let me know which you like!

Have a perfecto weekend!

Valentine's Day...A day for gifts?

With Valentine's Day a week away, the bloggers out there are blowing up with all sorta of cute ideas and fun DIY projects that are tooth achingly sweet for the big day. Here is my question for you guys, what do you think of gifts for Valentine's Day? Sure flowers, chocolate and maybe a sweet note are great gestures, but are you looking for more? Does it have to be something in the shape of a heart or do you want a straight up gift? I am perfectly happy with flowers sent to my office (so my coworkers won't have to ask) and a cozy night at home.

PS. This is my 200th post. What up!

I'm Baaack

Sorry for the silence yesterday, ATL you took it out of me. Regular postings to resume!


Today I am heading to the land of Coca Cola and the 1992 Olympics. The great city of Atlanta, Georgia. It's a quick trip for work but if you all have any recommendations, I might have a little free time this evening. Though last night PB and I went to Peter Luger for his birthday and I might be content to never eat again.

Georgia here I come!

Happy Birthday Paulie!

Happy 30th Birthday Paulie Boy! Pashy Bear and I love you so much! Thank you for making us laugh on the daily with your singing voice, your ideas of how to paint the subway with one brush held steady as it goes by and for introducing me to PTI. You are a champ and I am crazy about you. Happy Birthday!

have a great one!

Seen Here

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