Lost and Found

Seen Here. And honestly, the ring really looks like one of the above
One of my dear friends recently had a pretty exceptional thing happen. While on vacation in a condo community she went to do her laundry in the common laundry area. When taking out her dry clothes, along with her t-shirt and unmentionables, out came a diamond ring! This ring is beautiful and obvious she wants to get it back to its rightful owner but here is the thing, no one has claimed it. She has let the management know, taking all the precautions you would do in order to give the ring back and still nothing! Isn't that shocking? She flies back today and if they still haven't heard anything, the ring is coming too! Has anything like this ever happened to you? The most I have ever found was $5.00....and that was in my own jean pocket!


  1. This is a crazy story!! At what point do you give up trying to find the owner...crazy! Im guessing the said ring finder has a name that starts with the letter E...just sayin.

  2. My ring is from a diamond Eric's mom found on a bus when she was 13. Keep that bling!

  3. Really, Maya?! That's amazing! I didn't know that. I will definitely keep this bling! After lots of interwebs research, I've come to the conclusion that there's a 70% chance the ring isn't real. Still, if no little old Floridian lady calls me soon to claim it, I'm going to check it out with the professionals... (crossing my fingers I can pay for a vacation to the French Riviera versus one to Staten Island)...


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