A Valentine's Day Surprise

 So last night PB surprised me by taking me out to dinner to The Odeon. We tend to stay in Brooklyn when going out so it was really fun and romantic being in the city. After our ice cream sunday we decided that it would be a good idea to take a walk. As we headed down Duane Street, we came across Duane Park. When we looked in to the ornately decorated restaurant, an old fashion like singer was belting out Let's Stay Together and people were slow dancing so we decided to go in and grab a seat a the bar. We ordered our drinks  and then the singer introduced the next portion of the show...a burlesque dancer! She came out in a beautiful glittery red dress and by the end of her performance (which was in the middle of the restaurant) was just in tassels and a thong! It was incredible. We later learned that we had missed a few other performances and if they were anything like the one we say, I bet they were incredible. I definitely what to go another time for the entire show! I wanted to take pictures but didn't think it would be right but was so glad that I was able to find these from the Duane Park website!  Thanks Paulie for a great night!

Look how close they get to the diners!

What a brave woman!

Lady Gaga has even performed there   


  1. Sounds like a great night you had and a great bf you have!

  2. i just went to their site to check it out and it looks like they are moving!


    when they are back up and running i would love to check out a show! sounds such a fun, new york night :)


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