Valentine's Day...A day for gifts?

With Valentine's Day a week away, the bloggers out there are blowing up with all sorta of cute ideas and fun DIY projects that are tooth achingly sweet for the big day. Here is my question for you guys, what do you think of gifts for Valentine's Day? Sure flowers, chocolate and maybe a sweet note are great gestures, but are you looking for more? Does it have to be something in the shape of a heart or do you want a straight up gift? I am perfectly happy with flowers sent to my office (so my coworkers won't have to ask) and a cozy night at home.

PS. This is my 200th post. What up!


  1. negative ghostwriter, the patten is full

  2. i like it simple- flowers and a card. growing up, we were big on cards, not on presents, so i love me a good card or two. congrats on the 200th post! love the blog and look forward to reading it every day!

  3. Growing up my Mom always celebrate Valentine's Day with waffles and small gifts in the morning before school. She always emphasized the fact that Vday was about love - loving yourself and who you are, but also loving and appreciating what and who were around you. Presents in my opinion are optional - its just a day (hopefully full of love).

    1. so funny-- my mom also celebrates it by sending me and my sisters a little gift pack with funny valentine's day gift (one year, i kid you not, it included handcuffs) I liked that your mom emphasized loving yourself!

  4. i take the time to tell people why i love them. im not so big on the gifts, flowers, jewlery, etc. that said, id never turn down a cookie.


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