In Season

There are a few things that makes me most excited about Spring coming (only 20 days away!) is that 1. I can stop wearing my winter coat. Right about now, I am so over you. 2. Pasha will be willing to stay out longer that 3 minutes. Homeboy hates the cold. And 3. Spring fruits and veggies. And when I came across this cheat sheet of sorts that lets you know what is in season, I can get a jump start on my weekly menu planning! Sure, I might miss my kale but I am too distracted by the mushrooms and artichokes that I am going to roast up. What are you excited to make? Or are you weird and going to miss winter?
Seen on Style Me Green. This site has a TON of awesome recipes, templates and info.


  1. i love citrus, but thats about the only thing i miss about winter. (and snow.)


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