Mazel Tov Todd and Dana

PB and I had dinner with my parents at Colonie over the long weekend. The food was really wonderful and to cap off the evening, PB suggested that we go to a bar-- literally across the street from our house -- to watch the remainder of the Michigan v Alabama game. So he and I strolled down our street only to see the bar completely decked out in Michigan paraphernalia, balloons, wild fans in sweatshirts, and a ton of food. I assumed that this bar had become a designated Michigan bar and since it was opening day against a big deal team, this typically low key bar was turned into a Michigan party! Things only got slightly weirder when people gave us a few looks and we spent most of the time chatting with what seemed to be older (my parents age) Michigan fans.  During halftime, we headed to the back of the bar for skee-ball. There were a few people back there and we started to chat with them. All was fine until one of the girls asked...."Are you here for Todd or Dana?" Without skipping a beat PB said "For Dana" When she asked how we knew her, right away he answered "Through friends of friends." That's right, we were at Todd and Dana's engagement party/rehearsal dinner. We met their parents. Sang along to a Michigan fight song for Todd. Laughed at the right times during the speeches and then quickly made an exit to head to a less rented out bar. But at the new bar we toasted Todd and Dana and wishing them a lifetime of happiness.

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