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After the holidays this past year, lets just say my credit card statement wasn't exactly what I wanted it to be. Once I did the math, I made a plan. I put myself on hold from buying anything that wasn't a necessity from January 1st until February 14th. The thought process was that there was a deadline and I could see it. It wasn't like 6 months, this was totally do-able. And I still allowed myself to go window shopping, even try stuff on. If I was still thinking about whatever it had been, and it wasn't a total budget buster, then after the 14th, I told myself that I could buy it. The thing was that I never went back for anything. A great resource and a way that I got through it was looking at Pinterest and putting clothing together to make an outfit that I wouldn't have otherwise.
So now with the summer packed full of vacations, moving and new jean shorts, its time for another spending freeze. It's actually been on for me since post-Barneys Warehouse Sale and I am trying to make it until Halloween. This time, it hasn't been as easy. With the fall season in full effect, oxblood being the color of the moment and me still desperately wanting leather leggings, it might not have been the best planning (so far only cheating once due to my iphone case and these new lipbalms that I have been meaning to tell you about). But lord knows I feel better when I see that Amex statement at the end of the month.

How do you save money? Any tips? Do you use an app for budgeting? Dudes, lets talk.


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