Another reason to get on Instagram

What a cute projector!
One of my Instagram habits is what I call deep diving. I start with someone random that I follow and see you they follow. From there I am off, looking at strangers, sometimes celebrities and clicking on who they follow until I am suddenly totally unaware of what I am looking at. Sure this is a little creepy but for me it is also relaxing and at times entertaining. I have also come across some totally random things and last night, I hit the jackpot. An image and hashtag Projecteo had meet off Instagram and on to the web pretty quickly. Have you heard of the Projecteo? A Kickstarter funded project this works and looks like a mini slide projector. And instead of your regular slides, you upload pictures from your Instagram feed. And all for a pretty reasonable price. I am already putting this on my list for holiday gifts! So cool

Dating Life

Have you guys heard of this website 40 Days Of Dating? It is a totally fascinating project. Two friends Jessica and Tim who happen to also be artist and unlucky in love try committing to dating each other for 40 Days. Because they are both so creative, the website that follows these 40 days in unbelievably cool and interesting. I also got some great date ideas from them. But most importantly, I felt invested in their relationship as I got to know both of them. It also made me think a lot about dating, if you can essentially date anyone or if there has to be something there. It has gotten so much attention that the story was recently optioned for a movie! I suggest reading it from the very beginning. What is your favorite date? Here is a brief video that Jessica and Tim made about the project.

Geography Lesson

There is a lot that I wish I had paid more attention to in school. There were also things that I really don't remember ever being taught. Geography was on of those things. I just don't think that it was taught. Does anyone in the education world know if geography is optional in the lesson plans? I have mentioned this to a few people and one of my coworkers was lamenting about her same situation. She then sent me a link with a TON of fascinating maps. While they don't necessarily help with my geographically challanged mind, they are really interesting to look at. Check out the rest of the 40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense Of The World here

Happy Friday! Hommade Snickers

There are some things on Pinterest that I wish that I didn't see. Simply for the safety of my waistline. This is one of them. Happy Friday everyone!

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Packing Smartly

Ok so I know that I owe like a million posts over here. I was getting a bit in my head about writing these epic posts, about keeping up with what I am cooking or where we are going. And maybe that is a mistake. I am going to try to be more impulsive on here, when I see something cool, I will try to post it and if I feel like writing the great American novel I can do that too. More hitting Publish, less hitting Draft.

So here goes.

I saw this Travel Light breakdown on Pinterest and loved it. As a self proclaimed horrible packer, I am going to try to visualize this for my next trip.

Travel Light... Almost Anywhere.

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