Another reason to get on Instagram

What a cute projector!
One of my Instagram habits is what I call deep diving. I start with someone random that I follow and see you they follow. From there I am off, looking at strangers, sometimes celebrities and clicking on who they follow until I am suddenly totally unaware of what I am looking at. Sure this is a little creepy but for me it is also relaxing and at times entertaining. I have also come across some totally random things and last night, I hit the jackpot. An image and hashtag Projecteo had meet off Instagram and on to the web pretty quickly. Have you heard of the Projecteo? A Kickstarter funded project this works and looks like a mini slide projector. And instead of your regular slides, you upload pictures from your Instagram feed. And all for a pretty reasonable price. I am already putting this on my list for holiday gifts! So cool


  1. i am trying to get into it! but it's intimidating to come into late in the game. which i am. but this looks incredible. so i am getting in there. full speed.


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