Packing Smartly

Ok so I know that I owe like a million posts over here. I was getting a bit in my head about writing these epic posts, about keeping up with what I am cooking or where we are going. And maybe that is a mistake. I am going to try to be more impulsive on here, when I see something cool, I will try to post it and if I feel like writing the great American novel I can do that too. More hitting Publish, less hitting Draft.

So here goes.

I saw this Travel Light breakdown on Pinterest and loved it. As a self proclaimed horrible packer, I am going to try to visualize this for my next trip.

Travel Light... Almost Anywhere.


  1. yay!! youre back!! solid post :) love this - i used to be a horrible packer and i try and pack like this now and its life changing...

  2. this is awesome. thanks for posting!

  3. I LOVE this. great idea, basically what i wear anyway

  4. oops, that is me, maya, not eric. he doesnt wear that stuff


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