My boo

I need to tell you something mildly embarrassing. When I was in the younger portion of high school, I once recording myself...on my boom box... singing along to Lauren Hills version of Killing Them Softly to hear what my voice sounded like. In my head, I knew that I was no Mariah or Whitney but I thought maybe, just maybe I was more of a Ashanti or even my girl Mary J.  I will be blunt with what I learned that day in my childhood bedroom, God did not grace me with the gift of voice. But the thing is, I heard how bad it was, cringed, curled my toes, and just kept singing. I love to sing, and am particularly drawn to songs that I have no business singing to. It's a fact of my life. The lady who really does it for me these past few years is Alica Keys. In college, the classic hit My Boo feat. Usher was it. I became a master of the part that goes "My oh, my oh, my ohhh, my ohh, my boooo."  I also did a great rendition of "Baby baby baby" from ever popular You Don't Know My Name. Post college, I would fold my laundry while belting out the words the No One, at times with such passion that I had to clench my fists and hold them close to my heart.

Time has past since those days, Alica had a baby and got married. I moved to Brooklyn and got a dog. But I knew in my heart, that something would always keep us connected. And then I saw it. A new Citibank commercial feat. my main girl, Alica Keys singing her new soon to be hit Girl on Fire (which is not a reference to Katniss by the way) and with that, I have been hooked. So without further ado, I encourage you all to sing along...Ladies and Gentleman, I give you, Alica Keys. 

 The singing along magic starts at around a minute and five seconds 
What do you think? Any other songs that I need to know about when I want to belt it out?


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