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Based on A Stephen King short story, Shawshank image seen here
This weekend, PB and I were flipping around on the TV and a commercial for Shawshank Redemption came on. I started quoting lines while Paul looked at me with total confusion. When I asked him if he had ever seen it, he shockingly said that he hadn't. What!? So being that it was Oscar weekend, early Saturday evening, we watched it and I am happy to report that he loved it.
 I knew Paul couldn't be the only one missing the classics so I decided to take a look at AFI's Great Movie's of All Time List. This is an awesome list when you are trying to decide what to watch on those Friday nights when the thought of going out even for one beer makes your head hurt. Midnight Cowboy, Raging Bull and....Citizen Cane. I am coming for you. What about you guys, anything on this list that you are missing?

Also, we finally saw Celeste and Jesse Forever this weekend and I highly recommend it.


  1. celeste and jesse! i loved that movie. celeste might be my style icon.

    i am terrible at watching movies, i should just start crossing things off that list.

  2. she is totally a style icon, i loved all her different glasses and that very cute leather skirt!


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