2012 in Movies

Ok so I am not the best about seeing movies. There are still so many that I want to cross of my list and to even start that list, I suggest you refer to this mash-up of 2012 movies. I have to say that the team who put this together did it pretty seamlessly.

Here is my list of movies I still want to see in no particular order....
Flight - Pitch Perfect - Zero Dark Thirty - Celeste and Jesse - Looper - Les Mis - Skyfall

What else should I add to this list?  What movies didn't you see this year that you wanted to?


  1. lincoln and argo were both amazing

  2. argo!! so good. so stressful. celeste and jesse is great but made me envious of all of rashida jones cool stuff.

  3. renting perfect pitch this weekend. CAN NOT BELIEVE i missed it in the theater! love me some a capella. also - rumor has it silver linings playbook is pretty amazing. i would add it to the list!


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