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New York can be a tough as sh*t place to live. I shop at 3 different grocery stores, lugging my finds home, 4 flights up. Most days, my commute (which is still not back to normal due to Sandy) is 40 minutes of being sandwiched between 5,00 other people trying to get to where they are going. It isn't just the subway, there are literally people everywhere. We pay a ton in rent. But just when you start to feel sorry for yourself, NYMagazine puts out their annual issue Reasons to Love New York. And I begin to cry just realizing how lucky I am to live here.
In the spirit of the magazine, I have a few additions.
  1. 1. We have a gas station on our corner. During Sandy, the guys who work there kept us updated with when gas was coming in, let me know on my walk home that PB was successful in getting gas and even keep tabs on Pasha.
  2. 2. Speaking of Pasha, our local pet food store has babysat him while I ran errands in the across the street CVS. 
  3. 3. Because this goes on in the school. Thanks Maya for sending it. 
  4. 4. My subway magazine guy special ordered me the new Domino Magazine
  5. 5. This city gives me ideas everyday about what to fill this blog up with. 

Let's stay positive, what do you love about where you live? Or about New York?


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