What we did!

While traveling with Paul, I have learned a lot about both of us and how we operate and how to work as a team. I enjoy research. I read blogs, magazines, papers to get an idea of what interests me (and keeping Paul in mind). I then present these ideas to Paul and we go from there, picking out things that he likes ...from my already gathered list. He can totally go and do his own research if he wants but more often than not, this is how things end up working. I will be honest, at first I felt like I was doing all the work without him but we talked about it and he pointed out that I actually enjoy doing it and in the long run, probably works out better so I made my peace and planned it out.

Since we were there for a whole week, I may leave some things out but if you have any questions, feel free to ask! Also, I would love to know how other people plan vacations. Here are just a few pictures, with more to come!

The first few days, we just would get lost and wonder around the amazing streets, totally getting into feeling Parisian.
On Monday, we actually went on a tour (more to come) and got a much better sense of the layout of the city.
We ended up skipping the Louve all together and instead did the Musee D'Orsay which is much smaller. Both of us really liked the space (an old train station)
And of course a picnic at the Eiffel Tower


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