One last Paris note

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Ok, so I know that I have only done a mixed job on my Paris recap. Since we have been back, my computer won't seem to hold a charge so getting the right time to blog has been tricky. But I made a commitment and I will follow though. So that said, I do have one last (probably not) Paris tip. I am sure that many of you are familiar with Design Sponge, the mother ship of design blogs. Well they also happen to do a really great recap of things to do in cities around the world.  I went there to read up on Paris which led me to Anne, blogger in her own rite at Pret a Voyager and wait for it....tour guide in Paris, which I booked right on the spot. Once I booked the tour, Anne sent us a questionnaire of things that we would be interested and from there tailored the tour to our wants and needs. We met up with her on Monday and had an awesome time. She gave us a lay of the land, explained the street signs, subways and gave us an inside scoop on the best of the hood. I am still dreaming of these pistachio chocolate pastry wheels that she introduced us to. I felt after a day spent with her that I had a much better sense of the city layout and what was worth checking out. If you are ever in Paris and need some help, I highly rec
ommend reaching out to her. Merci Anne! 


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