what do you sleep in-between?

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Ever since PB has moved in, I have made the bed every morning. I have come to love how neat and tidy a made bed looks. And the best part of it is that it is hardly any work. Thats because PB and I don't sleep with any sheets. Thats right. We have pillows, a fitted sheet that covers the mattress and our down comforter. Thats it. Ever since college, I gave up on sheets, they just seemed like one more thing that could make me hot and get my legs tangled in. When I first slept at PBs house I noticed he followed the same practice and was so happy. And now Bed Bath and Beyond is selling fitted sheets only instead of the entire set.  Is this crazy? What sheets do you sleep with? I am really curious so let me know.

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  1. I'm still old school and use both a fitted and top sheet. I feel like I'd need to wash my quilt or comforter too often without the top sheet. It would make the bed-making a breeze to make the bed your way though.

    1. I do think that I wash the comforter cover more than most.

  2. I use both but I majorly see the appeal...very edited!!

  3. I just realized that this was my perfect opportunity to title a post Oh Sheet!
    oh well

  4. oh sheet, you totally missed your chance.

    (i didnt though.)


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