grandma kathy

My Grandma Kathy passed away on Friday, hense the radio silence here since then. She was a pretty remarkable woman, teaching me a lot about what it means to be the person that I strive to be. A lot has been said in my family about her for the past few days, her dedication to her friends, amazing clothes and even better cooking and even more will be taken away during my day to day life.
Grandma Kathy and me circa 1983
I think about her when I use my Mac brushes that she bought me during a make over session at Saks.When I see friends that I have known forever and that I am sure will know my children as I knew her friends. When I have my hair blown out since I know that she had hers done most Fridays.  When I get very excited to host a party and cook a ton of food. For Thanksgivng. For Passover. When I am wearing my favorite jeans that would never be described as sloppy. When I stick to my guns, knowing what is best for me.  When I feel my best because I look my best. I love you Grandma Kathy, I always will. You are BeauTIful.


  1. such sweet words. xoxo.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to what sounds like an amazing woman. May she rest in peace and you continue to honor her with all that you've learned from her.

  3. thank you to everyone who has reached out, I really appricate it. xoxo


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