heading to austin

Right now should be packing for my trip for Austin. But instead I will blog. 
I am heading to Austin City Limits for the weekend but more importantly 
hang out with my friends Amy and Barbara. Whenever I go to these type of 
concerts, I inevitably hate what I am wearing when I see all the super cool girls 
and what they are rocking.  I am also notoriously bad at packing. I tend to throw 
all my favorite things in a bag without really thinking what will go together. Or 
I pack only nice tops and nothing to hang in during the day. Or no underwear. 
So at least I am starting to make a plan. Jeans, shorts, button downs, nicer tanks, comfy 
shoes, a bag that makes sense. Here is what I wish would be in my closet when I take 
my travel bag. I should get cracking...



  1. fewer pants, more shorts! see you soon!!!!!!

  2. I have to make a packing list even for overnight trips. I also do the packing in 2 days so I have time to reevaluate my decisions. Very OCD but it helps me in the end.

    1. I like the idea of laying things out two days before so I can come and go and think about it. Good tip KK!


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