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Gel nail you do it? My mom and I got them done once together and I kinda loved it until my nails started to grow, and these babies grow fast. I always wish that my hair would grow as fast as my nails. But I digress. The point was that for another week, the tops of my nails looked awesome while the bottoms looked way less then awesome.
Yesterday I was out and about and I saw this woman with an amazing manicure. It was two toned, perfectly polished on top in maroon with a best of gold glitter at the bottom. When I complimented her, she just explained that her gel nails were growing out and she wanted to extend the mani so just painted some fun gold at the bottom. My Mind Way Blown. I cannot wait to try this at home.

Two toned nails from Hail Nails
Sheree, I love your I Want Your Digits board


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