this week in meals, the Sandy Addition

As you can tell, we survived our weekly trip to Fairway. Now here is what I plan on doing with all the stuff we got. Clockwise starting from the top left.

1. Beef Stew a la Pioneer Woman. Its officically fall and then some. Lets do it right. 
2. Crispy Edamame. Since Bloomberg got us and closed the subways, it has been declared that I will be working from home tomorrow. These seem like the perfect mid-day snack. 
3. Spaghetti and Meatballs. These are actually simmering on the stovetop right now. I will admit that Food Network got their hooks in me. I saw these on The Best Thing I Ever Made and decided they had to be mine. The storm is making me feel less guilty about it. 
4. Pad Thai.  Now that we are watching our pennies, take out really isn't an option but the problem is that I am still craving it. Enter Pad Thai. Homeboy is pretty easy to make and probably a lot healthier and cheaper than the version I was ordering through Seamless. 
5. Sausage Pizza. If we are going to trapped indoors for the next few days, pizza is always invited. Nuff said. 
6. Zucchini Saute. I had this as a side recently at Bocca Lupo, a local restaurant and gobbled them all up completly to myself even though we were sharing. They actually make them almost like pasta and I am curious if I can do that. Regardless, I think it will be delish. 

What are you guys making this week? Anyone trapped due to Sandy and working on something good? Let me know!


  1. looks delish. cookin' sandy style is awesome. stay dry!!


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