a cheap thrill

Ok, I know that I am on a spending freeze (and really trying hard to stick to it though Zara-- you are so on point that it is making this very difficult). But I do love me a cheap thrill. Big impact, little spend. And when I saw that these puppies were buy on, get one half off at Duane Reade and CVS, I knew that it was meant to be. I have always loved the the Just Bitten line from Revlon but found that the old marker on one end, balm on the other was doomed. The marker would get dry or I would lose a cap and the whole thing would be a wash. Now, they have combined these amazing colors stains and their balm into one chubby pencil type concoction. So maybe I don't know the science behind it but let me tell you, they are awesome. They feel like a lip balm but have such fibrant colors. And at around $8.00 bucks a pop (depending on where you find them, Target was the cheapest for me but wasn't doing the BOGO) they aren't breaking the bank anytime soon. When I was at Jewish holidays, I showed them to my sisters and my cousin Jill (who used to work at Elle so has some major make-up street cred) totally had the same ones in her bag. I think I smell a trend here.

I thought about trying to photoshop some polish on my nails but I am just not that good.


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