approaching a stranger for the sake of fashion

Penfield Landis Jacket Seen Here
Last winter I saw a few dudes in my hood wearing a really cool looking similar looking jacket. It was kinda two toned, looked warm, cozy and not like every other jacket out there. Then, PB and I were in Fairway doing a grocery shopping. I noticed this dude wearing a vest version of the same jacket and I had to ask him what the deal was. He didn't know but his girlfriend was quick to help and let me know that it was a Penfield. After a quick google search, I was already planning my Fall 2012/Winter 2013 jacket. I love the outdoorsy edginess to them,  and I am totally loving their duffle bags too. What do you think? Are you getting a new winter jacket? Should I break the spending freeze for it?

Penfield Evansville Bag Seen Here

Penfield Rockwool Jacket Seen Here


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