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Here is what I am planning on for this week., albit it be a day behind.  I do want to be completely honest with you guys. Sometimes I get going with the week, I don't make what I plan. Either they don't have something at the store or I forget a major item. Sometimes night plans come up unexpectedly or I am just so exhausted that I simply cannot do it. But I still love to make a plan, cooking is my relaxing time and I try to meet these goals and like this blog, see where it takes me. So what are you making this week?

#1 Bang Bang Shrimp: I may try to make a slightly healthy version but lets go with it.
#2 Momofuku Brussel Sprouts. Come to mommy.
#3 Chicken and Corn Soup. Seems perfect now that the weather is chilly at night
#4 Eggplant Involtini. Oh yeah. I have some left over ricotta from this weekend and this seems like the perfect way to use it.
#5. Pirogi and Sausage. I have this listed as #5 but it is probably my #1. I think it will be perfect for Wednesday night when the debates are on and PB and I are totally in the zone.


  1. You totally inspire me. Bang Bang Shrimp in my tummy tonight!

  2. That eggplant looks amazing - I may try it out next weekend. It looks a little time consuming for a weekday dinner. Do you know who this is, NB??

    1. Of course I do KK! The office isn't the same without you. How are you? Eggplant is on for tonight, will keep you posted how it goes.


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