Maybe it is because my commute is 45 minutes door to door and the majority of that time is underground with no Pandora available. Maybe its also cause it feels like its educational...or at least expanding my mind. Regardless the reason-- I LOVE PODCASTS! I have been known (well only I know this) to replay them for PB if I think that they are really important or something that he would like but not necessary listen to on his own. Here are a list of some of my favorites:
This American Life: Two words: A duh. This almost always number 1 podcast on itunes is in my weekly rotation. For road trips sometimes I save up a few and totally indulge. Ira, in the words of everyone dorky who has said this once, you da man.
*side note, doesn't PB sorta look like Ira?

The Nerdist: You remember Jenny McCarthy from her Singled Out days right? So remember the part when there was another person also hosting that show? Remember, he was Chris Harwick? Well guess what, he didn't pose for Playboy but instead created The Nerdist, a website platform for all things nerdy-- including the podcast. The guests tend to be comedy based and are almost always entertaining. I cannot wait to listen to the Joan Rivers one. Also, I highly recommend the Jon Hamm episode, as if you had any doubts of how cool he is.

Joy the Baker Just writing these words make me sing the song "Joy the Baker, Shutterbean" All I can say is start from the beginning. This show where Joy and Tracy discuss the most important unimportant topics is so fun and goofy that I have had to look like a crazy person laughing by myself on the subway. But for sure start from the beginning, the show is jam packed with inside jokes and call backs. Get on it.

Here's the Thing. . Dude, could Alec Baldwin be in anymore things? Everywhere I look (or in this case listen) homeboy is there. But here's the thing (ha)-- it is awesome. The Billy Joel interview is amazing, both are so good at impressions, at times I wasn't sure who it was. His guests are amazing, his voice is soothing, and it's the perfect podcast to listen to while drinking a glass of scotch looking out of a window with a deep look on your face from a fancy office a la Jack Donaghy.

What about you? Anything else that I should be listening to?
Also-- shout out to Freakonimics, Go Fork Yourself, The Moth and The Splendid Table. Love those guys too.
(PB pic from his facebook page) (Ira Glass Image from here) (Joy The Baker Image from here)  (Here's the Thing Image from here)


  1. stuff you missed in history class! fresh air (duh)


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