Back to the real world

This summer has been a bit of non-stop action. And then August came and turned the volume up to 11. Barb visiting from Austin, Rach moving out, PaulieBoy moving in, a quick trip to Turks and Caicos, countless trips to Ikea after work, Ericas wedding and finally -- the cherry on top, a longer weekend in Cape Cod with my family.

Cape Cod time is my favorite and the Tuesday night to Monday morning felt significant enough that I would relax without counting down the days (in a dreading way) of when we had to go home. The hard part was leaving while my sister and her family stayed through the week.

And now we are back to reality, last night loading up at Fairway for the week, back at my desk to where I know all too well the pattern of my boss's walk. Back to going to the gym, sending out and responding to emails, voice mails, text messages.
But maybe I can escape a little bit longer through some of these images.
This one in particular gets me every time. Would you jump off a cliff like that?  I would like to think that I could but not so sure....

(photo by Harley Haskett)


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