What do you do with old magazines?

Why are magazine so hard for me to throw away? I hold on to them as if they will go up in value over time instead of going up in clutter. PB has been on an organization kick recently and sitting on the kitchen table right now are about 20 old Bon Appetit magazines that I have to sort through, rip out what I want to keep and get rid of the rest. We are new to living together and it does seem fair, I hardly ever crack these open.
So my nightly project is to go through them, they have been sitting there since last week, I have done 2 so far.
What do you do with old magazines? Why do they seem to valuable? Is National Geographic the only magazine where this works? Do you guys know of any cool way to keep magazines that PB wouldn't consider clutter?

(photo 1 from Morning Light) (photo 2 from Tina Fenwick)


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