Planning for the long weekend

With no real plans (for the first time since June) for the weekend, PB and I are totally free this LONG weekend to finally see all the movies that we didn't get to see this summer. Is Avengers still playing anywhere??

Here are my top 3 for the weekend- lord knows I have been know to finish one movie and walk right into the next (I am looking at you Minority Report)

Dark Knight Rises: PB turned to me in bed last night and said "you know what is crazy? We STILL haven't seen Batman!" This is number one on both of our lists. Anne Hathaway is PB's #1 celebrity crush. We once saw her walking down the street in Brooklyn and I have never seen him do the happy dance like he did that day. I hope he does it again after the movie.

Sleepwalk With Me: Ever since Mike Bribiglia appeared on This American Live telling his wild sleepwalking story and then again with his epic tale of being in a car accident by a drink driver only to be the only that ends up paying for it (its a must listen), I fell in love. I am so glad this limited released movie is showing in Brooklyn. Thanks!

To Rome With Love: Last year after I saw Midnight in Paris, I called PB and asked right away if we could go to France. I haven't heard the same fanfare for To Rome With Love but honestly, I would be perfectly content watching Alec Baldwin and Penelope Cruz in Italy with the sound off.

**one late addition. I just found a theater somewhere deep in Brooklyn that is still showing the Avengers. Road Trip!

(image from Oh Happy Day)


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