French Hair

Low effort, high style of Francoise Hardy seen here

This past weekend, we spent some time with a friend Genevieve who has been living in Paris on and off for the past 3 years. While I wore my hair braided and my sister rocked a pretty badass blowout, Genevieve looked as french as they come, letting her hair be natural, slightly messy and in all honestly beautiful.

Since PB and I have been talking more and more about a trip and France has been on the list, I have become increasing aware of how gorgeous French womens hair is. I was so glad that I came across these rules in Vogue so that maybe I can mimic their (and Gen's) style.

 Rule #1: “The more supermarket the shampoo, the better the hair looks,” says de Maigret, who uses Pantene or L’Oréal Elsève. “I don’t know why, it just does. Wash it once in the morning, not twice, like they do at the hair salon.”

Rule #2: “French women never put conditioner in the hair. It makes it straight and flat.”

Rule #3: “After you get out of the shower, don’t touch it.  No hair dryer, nothing. You just let the air do it naturally.”

Rule #4: “Don’t brush. Also, you know, Parisian girls walk a lot, which makes the hair a little messy from the wind. If you’re going to go outside and have it get messy anyway, it’s better to just not brush it from the beginning.”

Rule #5: “Sometimes if you put some dry shampoo, it gives a cool texture—instead of washing it every day. I wash my hair every two days. I know. It’s really too much.”

Could you guys ever abide by these rules? I am tempted by the idea of dry shampoo, especially after a yoga class. Have you ever tried it?


  1. ok, first off, i never wash my hair, never brush it, and never touch it after the shower however my hair does not look french. hmm... maybe its the conditioner.

    but anyway, my friend ali uses a dry shampoo she really likes and ive been wanting to try it. its called batiste and she gets the original version (its in a green-y can). she says its awesome and she has gorgeous hair so i believe her.

  2. If I followed her rules, I would look like a rastafarian or a pirate. No conditioner and don't brush it - yikes! Somehow I think they don't have frizz in their genes.

  3. okay so im pretty darn american - as in when i was studying abroad in rome an expat kid who apparently felt she was uber italian told me i, "was the most american person she had ever met" awesome...definitely didnt mean it as a compliment. so while i would never claim to seem french my hair does have that devil may care vibe today...because i followed these steps!!! i sort of hated having matted hair for an hour but once it shook out and dried...voila! im totally convinced. and yes, the no conditioner step seems to be crucial. keep up the good work maddy...

  4. holy cow! they dont EVER brush their hair? They MUST brush it before they get in the shower or something...because honestly my hair would be a DISASTER if i didn't brush it after a shower or at all during the day. maybe i'll do a parisian hair week and see how it works out :P

    thanks for sharing this! love your blog and excited to be your newest follower :)


  5. @margaret, the picture you sent me looks awesome @elizabeth welcome! let me know if you end up trying it! will do a follow up post...with pics!


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