Good Morning!

Since PB moved in last August, we have a had a pretty solid morning routine. He would get up around 6:00, shower, eat breakfast, get dressed and feed the dog before leaving by 7:15 for work. I would get up around 7, decide what to wear, walk the dog, make the bed and head out the door by around 8:30. I will admit, part of my morning routine is laying in bed for about 15 minutes, listening to NPR. I love it. But then last Friday PB did something new.
He woke up at 3:45, showered and went to work. When he first got up, I thought something was wrong and asked if he felt ok. He just explained that he had a lot to do and wanted to get going on it. I thought that maybe it was a one time deal but now both Monday and this morning he woke up around 5:00, showered and was out the door by 5:50. To be totally selfish, this has not been working for me. I am a really light sleeper and have a hard time falling back asleep. Both Friday and Monday, I will admit, I was totally annoyed. But this morning, maybe since I knew that it was coming, it wasn't so bad. And on my way to work, I began to think that maybe I should get up with him, work out a few days a week in the morning and start my day a little earlier from now on.

I was talking to my newly married friend Erica about her and her husband Nick's routine and it sounded like clockwork. Their timing is in sync and makes them both more efficient. He even makes her coffee while she makes the bed. The more Erica talked the more that I realized that once you were in a routine, the easier things got. The next challange is now using this time to get to the gym.

What is your morning routine?


  1. when living in the burbs, i was spoiled. we could do our own thing on our own time and not have a problem. (more space, more bathrooms, more showers = an easier morning!) but moving back to bk?! it has easily been the hardest adjustment. also still working on it :)


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