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Since one of my New Years goals is to bring my lunch to work, I decided that this week I would focus on dinners that can be stretched into lunch without feeling like I was eating leftovers. I also am trying to make sure that these meals are basically healthy for us while still tasting great. Also, on Saturday night when we were out to dinner with friends I had a grilled kale salad and fell in love. I even recreated it for lunch yesterday but PB eat most of it. Its now getting rotated in our usual roasted veggies. PS. Tonight we are going out to on of favorite bars in the neighborhood to watch the B.C.S. National Championship Game and Wednesday we have plans as well so this week might seem a little light.

In clockwise order
1. Fennel Gratin from French Revolution I might try to lighten this one up (Greek yogurt, I am looking at you) but regardless, we love fennel and am excited to take it to a new place
2. Lasagne from Punchfork. A duh. So hearty, can make it healthier and something that I will look forward to eat for lunch.
3. Grilled Kale from Rachael Ray. Ok so the word grilled can be scary for those living in the city but I used a grilled pan for this yesterday and was pleasantly surprised with the results. With just a little olive oil and salt and pepper beforehand, once grilled, I bet you could really dress it however you want. I used mustard, lemon juice and a little more olive oil. Delish!
4. Chicken Chili from The Girl Who Ate Everything. This time of year screams chili to me. My mom makes a really yummy version of white chili and I can't want to replicate it.

What are you eating this week? Anything I should try?


  1. I am making lots of soups these days. They are super healthy and filling and perfect to take to work for lunch. Its so easy to throw together leftover veggies in a big pot, and I have been using my emulsion blender to make some great purees (which is really fun). Some of my favorites this week are Turkey Provencal and Curry Ginger Butternut Squash.

    PS I like the new photo and instagram feed.

  2. Thanks for the tips! Look for them in coming rotations. Do you feel full after eating soup?


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