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So honestly, when I started blogging this week, I had no intention of making it fitness focused around these parts. But once it started, I decided to roll with it, using posting as my own motivation (sorry for the mildly selfish thoughts) and get to business. With that said, it was also time for another Cheap Thrill and I had been itching to use this one anyway. Barbara is my old roommate of over 10 years. She can make me laugh within 10 seconds of talking to her, is one of the hardest working people I know and once signed up with me on the family plan at the Brooklyn YMCA so we could score the deal.

As a dance major in college, fitness and living a healthy lifestyle has always been a part of Barbara's life. When she emailed me that her cheap thrill was Balega Hidden Comfort Socks, I wanted to know why. I thought I would share what she wrote back. "They are super cushy - aka the hidden comfort - on the bottom which I just think is a nice touch. It makes my feet feel respected when I run, not to mention cozy. Also, they have the little tab in the back so they don't fall down into your shoes, a big prob for us skinny heeled sistas."

Barbara once was in Cape Cod and training for a crazy run with our friend Amy. They ran from the house 3.5 miles to the best bar around and then back to the house. I would like to think that it was how comfortable the socks were that stopped her from going into the Beachcomber for a Goombay Smash.

So you guys know the drill. Leave a comment with the words "Sock It To Me" and anyone other workout gear that you love, always appreciated. A winner will be pick on Friday at 5pm.


  1. dont forget our scavenger hunt through the city. so hard.

    SOCK IT TO ME! (i always need a new pair.)

  2. guys, come on. this one needs to be me. not only do i enjoy working on my fitness, BUT i am also coming to you live from gambier, oh. otherwise known as that special spot that introduced you two many moons ago.

    so barb, maddy, SOCK IT TO ME

    thank ya much -- cedric

  3. Sock It To Me. Ohh...I like the tab on these socks. Great idea!

    I can't workout without my rubber headband. It keeps everything outta my face while I'm kicking butt :)

  4. Sock It To ME! - i LOVE these socks too - good call babs.

    I have problems working out all the time too so I decided to do squats in the morning when I brush my teeth and lunges in the evenings when I clean my sparkly whites - not exactly sports gear but a good exercise....oh - also, only attempt with an electric brush, otherwise it's like patting your head and rubbing your belly at the same time...

  5. What a great cheap thrill! Sock it me. I need rowing socks.

  6. sock it to me! these are my absolute favorite running socks, i love them!

    as for other workout gear, my two other personal favorites are the lululemon headbands. they keep my unruly curly hair back and the sweat out of my face. and cwx compression tights for running. not only do they keep you warm, but they keep everything in its place and, i swear, make it easier to run that last mile.

  7. Sock it to me!

    I need the socks that Barbs has been talking about!


  8. HELP! I am in desperate need of a new pair after that long, cold 13.1 mile run!

    SOCK it to me! especially if Barbs advises it

    - Erin

  9. SOCK IT TO ME. My comment disappeared so I am trying again. I started a prego only workout class and these would be a nice treat for my tuesday nights.

  10. This is amazing...totally missed the deadline but Barbara's killer cheap thrill couldn't go uncommented. Gotta love a fancy pair of running socks-the kind people who live in places like Jackson hole and vail use as their everyday workout socks. Amazing.


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