$5.00 Savings Plan

Five Dollar Plan seen here

 My sister and her husband introduced this plan a few years ago and the times that I have done it, I have been surprised and excited by how much money I was able to save. Basically, anytime a $5.00 comes into your possession, instead of spending it, you save it somewhere safe. A five, though significant, once gone from your wallet isn't as heartbreaking as a twenty gone. This has really helped me cut down on needless purchases like lip balm, gummy bears or anything else that I tend to break a five on. Have you ever done this? I also sometimes think that it helps to have a goal for all of those five dollar bills. Like next time you go on vacation, you only use those fives. Trust me, it feels like found money!


  1. holla at my fives! Eric is way better at this than me, but I do try and those 5's add up.

  2. i do this per mayas suggestion! when i have enough, i get my hair cut/colored.

  3. I did this after my friend told me about it. I use it for the $500 purchases that I always have on my wish list - a new bike, a camera, etc. I can usually save $500 pretty fast and without much sacrifice.


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