Dream Jeans...Updated

Lusting over these jeans at J.Crew
How perfect do these jeans look? I love that they aren't skinny skinny, have some wear to them and look amazing with heels (and probably sneakers too). I can picture myself wearing them in Paris, walking through the flea markets with my perfect French hair and rocking my Hunter jacket. But hold up, these bad boys are $168.00 bucks at J.Crew so that ain't happening. Guess my search will continue for the perfect jeans....any suggestions?

I should make a side note that my most favorite pair of perfect always cute, very flattering jeans are JBrand 910's. They always make me look put together, skinny and they hit at the perfect spot both in rise and length. They are expensive but worth it. Plus I am pretty sure Kate Middleton has a pair. The only problem is that they only come in dark wash. And for this spring, I am really craving a light distressed wash. So please, JBrand, hook a sister up!


  1. I LOVE your blog- I'm usually just too shy to comment. Have you read A Moveable Feast? It'll be your best accessory.

  2. Nell- thank you! i haven't read it but probably should for the trip right? Too bad it isn't the book club book!

  3. J.Crew's jeans are pretty cool, but the prices are ridic. My secret spots are Express and wait for it "Forever 21". Whenever I wear my $20 F21 jeans people always ask me where are they from.


    1. Great call on Express! I am going to check them out this weekend. Thanks!

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