I want to go to there

A bunch of friends and I are heading on a long weekend bachelorette party this summer and starting to think about where we want to go. The idea is someplace low key, outdoorsy, where we can all chill and hang out.

Enter The Graham and Co. This oh so cool yes reasonable hotel sits in the Catskills of New York (right by Frost Valley for you campers). The offer free bikes, movies and bonfires on the lawn and such cool designed rooms that I probably won't want to leave. And there is a pool.  Now exit The Graham & Co since they don't have availability for when we want. But fear not, just like Wayne, it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine. How badass does this place look?

All images from the Graham & Co website.


  1. this looks so beautiful! their "neighbors" page has some of the favorite spots from my days off at frost valley. i could dream about the pancakes at sweet sue's...you gotta make it happen!

  2. It's new and supposed to be awesome. Was actually featured on the Today Show and filled up! If you go to Phoenicia- I have so many tips!! Actually still spend a lot of time up there. Woot woot!!

  3. Also $99 off season weekend rates...!! Just sayin'.

    1. I am all about it. Looks so cute and now I can't get over it. Maybe off season trip?

  4. plans to be made...


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